United in Prayer for America   


Prayer Points for America -- October 15, 2007


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  • Pray that Americans would understand and heed the fact that our nation's strength comes from God, not from ourselves.

  • Lift up the discussions related to the possible formation of a Palestinian state and possible power-sharing in Jerusalem.  Pray that God's Will would transcend all other agendas and motives present in these discussions.

  • Intercede for the United States' increasingly tense relationship with Turkey.

  • News reports indicate that the FBI is monitoring Al Qaeda operatives in New Jersey; pray that any plans for terrorist activity would be thwarted and that any would-be terrorists would be apprehended.

  • Lift up our nation's young people; ask the Lord to protect them from the multitude of negative influences present in our secular culture. 

  • Pray that authentic Christians would model Christ's love and grace in workplaces throughout America.

  • Ask the Lord to thwart efforts to remove Him from America's public square.

  • Continue to pray for the portions of the southeastern U.S. that are experiencing severe drought; ask the Lord to bring much-needed rain to those areas.

  • Pray that President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would seek and follow the Lord's guidance as they make decisions that impact the future of our nation.

  • Pray that our nation's leaders would make wise decisions regarding the war in Iraq.  Pray that political candidates and leaders would resist the urge to divide our nation by using the war as a wedge issue.  Pray that they would instead work together to develop the wisest course of action in Iraq.

  • Intercede for our troops serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and throughout the world.  Ask the Lord to comfort, protect and guide them.

  • Continue to pray that godly candidates would emerge as leaders in the 2008 presidential race.

  • Ask the Lord to restore of spirit of civility to our nation's political process.  Pray that leaders and activists in all political parties would work put the good of the nation ahead of their own political agendas and ambitions.

  • Ask the Lord to use Pray4theUSA.com to motivate Christians throughout America to sincerely pray for our nation.


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